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13 Best West Coast Cities for Couples To Live on JUST a Social Security Check

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Do you want to relocate somewhere where you can live on just your Social Security Check?

Based on the latest Social Security Administration data, the average monthly Social Security check for an individual is $1,618.29. For a couple that would be $3,236.58.

That’s not too bad, especially if it comes with other income sources such as pensions, 401(k), or IRA. Suppose you rely exclusively on Social Security checks. In that case, you’ll have to choose your retirement place wisely to stretch those dollars as far as possible — especially while living on the notoriously pricey West Coast, which included Alaska for the sake of this study.

However, when it comes to couples living on the West Coast on just their combined Social Security checks, there are actually some affordable cities that make it possible. By using cost-of-living statistics from Sperling’s Best Places, GOBankingRates highlighted those places, and we decided to share them with you.

This list also spotlights ApartmentList information on the average one-bedroom apartment rent, as well as AreaVibes data on each city’s livability score.

Therefore, each city has received a combined score based on a summation of all those indicators, those with lower scores being highly recommended.

Are you curious to find them out? Here’s a list of the 13 best places (Nr. 13 REALLY surprised me!) on the West Coast for couples to live on just a Social Security check!

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  1. I need help to lower my phone internet bill I have AT&T land line. my last bill was $134. my income is 526 dollers A month. do think I need help? plus water and electric.

  2. This must be a joke! It says couples! What happened if your spouse is deceased and you’re living on your own. There’s no way you can afford a one bedroom place and pay for all the rest of your bills, plus buy groceries and medical and that includes medication for the month on your social security alone. If you can I’m very happy that you are able to.

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