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14 Amazing Benefits of Turning 65

Are there any benefits of turning 65?

Have you just turned 65? Woohoo! Congratulations! Because around this age, some of the best things can happen, and I’m not even joking! There are so many benefits of turning 65, and you can have fun but also be even wiser about how you will spend your money.

Did you know that after turning 65, you actually entered the world of senior discounts?

And being eligible for Medicare is another benefit of turning this age. What do you think are the best benefits of turning 65? Tell us in the comments! We are eager to know more.

Benefits Of Turning 65
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1. 401(k) Benefits

This depends on what your plan is because you may decide to leave your 401(k) untouched. Until the age of 72, you can let your money accumulate and continue to earn for yourself if that’s your wish.

How cool is this? What is your opinion about 401ks? Do you think it’s meant to help you?

2. No Alarm Clock

Who doesn’t want that, honestly? I mean, this is probably one of the best benefits of turning 65. You will not be rushed in the morning to go to work, and you can sleep until noon if you want.

Plus, you can stay up late to watch movies or read a book! Just remember to keep a sleeping schedule because it’s good for your health too.

3. Health insurance at an affordable price

One of the best benefits of turning 65 is that retired people don’t have to worry about finding a job that offers good health insurance because they can get it at an affordable price just after they turn 65.

You can also enroll in Medicare! How cool is this? Healthy problems won’t stop appearing after a certain age.

That’s why you need to be careful with your diet and lifestyle, and whenever you feel sick or if something bothers you, don’t hesitate to call your doctor, especially if you can reap the benefits at a reasonable cost!

4. Discounts for purchases

Yo-Hoo! This is actually amazing because one of the best benefits of turning 65 is that you can get a discount on your meals or at a shopping store if you show them your ID in order to confirm your age.

I wouldn’t be ashamed to do that! Also, another thing is that plane tickets at some companies are cheaper for retired people.

Citizens and permanent residents of the USA can actually purchase a lifetime senior pass to over 2,000 recreation locations for just $80 per person. And if you prefer buying them online, you will pay $90.

5. Time with family

After years and years when you postponed your plans with your family, after retirement, you can fully enjoy this! Now it’s time to fill your days with whatever activity you’ve wanted to do since forever.

One of the best benefits of turning 65 is spending time with your children or grandchildren, or you can volunteer to take care of them after school. How cool is that?

You can make it a tradition by having a barbeque in your backyard, or maybe you can go and visit some new places with the family.

What are the best things in life, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

6. More free time

More free time means more time for those activities you always had in mind but weren’t able to do because you had a 9 to 5 schedule. Now it’s your time! You can engage in different activities with other seniors, or maybe you can join AARP.

I will definitely plan my first trip after retiring! What are your plans?

Benefits Of Turning 65
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7. Downsizing is an option

Downsizing is one of the best benefits of turning 65, and this could mean moving into a small apartment or a condo. Are you ready to sell your house or trade it for a small place to live in? It will be better from a financial point of view!

Living in a smaller place will reduce the cost of the utilities, plus you will save money for trips and other things you want to buy.

8. Spirituality Takes a Significant Role

If you haven’t been a spiritual person before 65, you may now start feeling things differently. You will feel more connected with God and his ways. The whole cycle of life and exploring your inner spiritual nature will become a very interesting topic in your life.

Taking care of your soul and also being able to meditate is such a good method for healing.

You may decide to take some yoga lessons in order to find peace. One of the most wonderful benefits of turning 65 is that you will be able to be more religious and spiritual, and these things will help you grow in a different way. What do you think about this?

9. Keep up with your hobbies and sports

In order to be healthy from a physical point of view, you have to be active as much as possible. We know it might be challenging, especially if you weren’t really a champion when you were younger, but sports like Pilates or yoga are less challenging but will keep you engaged.

On the other hand, if you were active throughout your youth, you will feel the need to continue doing that.

Don’t give up on your hobbies! This is what keeps us young and fresh! Plus, trying different activities will make you meet new people, and who doesn’t want new friends? After all, this is what keeps us socially active.

Let’s be honest! Having a healthy body and a healthy mind is one of the best things in life. 

10. Connect with new people

When you grow older, connecting with other people can help you stay engaged and also introduce you to new experiences. There are plenty of different ways to meet new people, and this is possible when you travel or when you decide to take some painting lessons, for example.

Connecting with people around your age or a bit younger might be fun. It’s never too late to begin a friendship that can last forever! Having people around you is fun, and it’s also great for your mental health.

11. Travel where and when you can

One of the best things in life is traveling, for sure! When you travel, you explore places you’ve never been to; you open yourself up to new experiences, and this will keep your spirit young and always ready for nice things.

There are so many places, especially if you are planning to travel internationally!

Europe is a nice continent with a lot of tourist attractions, especially in Italy and Greece, but also in Norway if you are a mountain lover. Give it a chance! Where do you want to go this summer?

12. Attitude about life shifts

When you turn 65, your attitude towards mortality or other things like this changes. Living in the moment and trying to accept what you have at this very moment is very easy to do after this age.

Accepting that we are not immortals is usually something that comes to our minds years later, just because we are mature enough to see and feel certain things. Enjoy your retirement and worry less about things that are inevitable!

Benefits Of Turning 65
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13. Move to the countryside

We’re all tired of the noise and the traffic from the city, and moving to the countryside is actually the best idea ever. Since when you don’t need a job anymore, you can actually live wherever you want.

A beautiful garden might be the next stop where you can relax, grow a lot of flowers, or raise animals. And this is actually more than nice! Would you move to the countryside?

14. Start a new hobby

Now is the time to expand on your interests and hobbies! Because now you have all the time in the world to start something new. Hobbies can be fishing, hiking, painting, photography, or gardening. How cool is that?

One of the best benefits of turning 65 years old is that you can do whatever you want to do. By now, if you have kids, they are grown-ups and you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Retirement can be wonderful if it’s well spent. Enjoy your free time and start investing in your well-being more than ever! Don’t know which new hobby you should pick up? Why not order a Mahjong Set from Amazon, and gather your friends for game night?

If you enjoyed reading this article about the wonderful benefits of turning 65, for some more great advice, we recommend reading: 10 Worst States For Retirees to Be Healthy

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