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Healthcare: Top 10 Most Affordable States for Seniors

The expenses for healthcare may vary from one state to another and the topic of senior healthcare affects us all, no matter our age.

If you want a happy retirement, staying informed is crucial – and your healthcare can make or break your next years as an American senior. There are a lot of amazing places that are not only low-cost but also offer a lot of facilities making them great places to spend your time in a comfortable and fun way.

Go Banking Rates (GBR) created the average of the costs in different states by taking into consideration factors such as home healthcare, health services, adult day healthcare, assisted living, semi-private, and private room nursing homes.

If you’re in the position of looking for affordable healthcare for your retirement, there are states rated with the overall most and least affordable senior healthcare, based on the mentioned average.

seniors having fun in community activities
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Below you will find the national costs for those services.


Home Services: $5,259
Home Health Services: $5,462
Adult Day Healthcare: $1,793
Assisted Living: $4,774
Semi-Private Room in Home Care: $8,390
Private Room in Home Care: $9,584

Let’s take a look at the average costs all over the country and find the more affordable ones.

10. $5,163 per month, South Carolina

In South Carolina, the costs seem to be nearly $1,000 less than the national average.
Across the six categories, all the prices are generally smaller. The residents of this state are enjoying good prices for healthcare. They save the most talking about adult daycare health, but private nursing home rooms are also less expensive than the average median.

South Carolina has a stunning coastline across the Atlantic Ocean, which creates opportunities for water sports, beach outings, and, not to mention, breathtaking views. Coastal towns like Hilton Head or Charleston come with charming communities, and the lifestyle for retirees is relaxed and inviting.

9. $5,078 per month, Kansas

Most of the categories match the national median cost of community and assisted living. Private nursing home rooms give a significant break to Kansas residents, being $2,000 less expensive than the average.

Kansas is a place with safe neighborhoods and is known for a very low crime rate. In this place, it’s easy to find peace of mind while you can enjoy socialization and the whole experience of living with a sense of community.

There are plenty of outdoor activities and opportunities to explore nature, such as birdwatching, hiking, and admiring the scenic views. Of course, who wouldn’t want to attend a barbeque here? As the state’s known for its barbeque festivals, it attracts all the enthusiasts and gourmands from all over the country.

Back to the real advantages: Kansas provides a low cost of living in a safe and serene environment and seems to be an appealing place for senior living.

8. $4,972 per month, Georgia

Here we find cheaper costs for all the categories. The seniors living here enjoy private and semi-private rooms at prices that are $1,000 less than the average national cost.

Other than the overall small expenses, Georgia is famous for its delicious Southern cuisine. This is where you find iconic dishes like fried chicken, barbecues, and peach cobbler.

This is an amazing place if you’re a food enthusiast, as you can attend food festivals, explore local restaurants, or visit farmer’s markets, enriching your senior years with some different flavors.

Georgia is a state with a rich history, and you can find lots of museums and landmarks. Places that are worthy of being seen are, for example, the Antebellum Trail, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, or Savannah’s historic district.

Jackson, Mississippi
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7. $4,767 per month, Mississippi

In Mississippi, the costs arrive at nearly $600 cheaper than the average for the same services. For example, healthcare: $1,494; assisted living: $3,713; community and assisted living average: $2,604 per month.

Also, this is a great destination for senior people, as the warm weather always keeps you in a good mood. There is also a close-knit community atmosphere, local events, or other activities like fishing, boating, and golfing.

Overall, the affordability, the sense of belonging, the rich cultural heritage, and the fun activities
make Mississippi a good destination for individuals in search of a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

6. $4,711 per month, Arkansas

Arkansas residents are paying approximately $1,166 less for senior healthcare, earning its place in the top 10 states with cheaper private and semi-private rooms in nursing homes.

Arkansas is also known for its picturesque views of mountains, lakes, forests, and rivers, and the moderate climate can make people feel very comfortable. The mild weather is especially kind to conditions like arthritis or weather sensitivity.

5. $4,708 per month, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is another place with affordable health facilities, with GBR having it ranked in a high position. The nursing home is the most dramatic saver because the private rooms can be $3,100 cheaper than the media, while the semi-private ones can be even $2,600 cheaper.

Oklahoma has a rich cultural heritage, which involves a lot of cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries, etc. Communities here are famous for being friendly and reliable, so there are a lot of opportunities for socialization, volunteering, or participating in local events, creating quite a groovy environment to live in.

If fun and laughter are your way of living life, there is a book that may bring you joy.

4. $4,621 per month, Texas

Adult-day healthcare is the second-cheapest at $816, creating big savings in this area. Residents are happy to encounter generally low prices in all the other categories.

Texas is also an appealing place for seniors. With a good climate and recreational opportunities, it makes a favorable destination for a fulfilling lifestyle. The historical attractions and the vibrant cities are embracing senior communities. They offer senior centers, programs, and social clubs based on different interests.

Texas has a large palette of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or boating. They are also golf lovers. The quality of life is enhanced by a sense of belonging and fun.

3. $4,532 per month, Missouri

Occupying one of the highest spots in the top, Missouri has actually a more expensive cost than the media for day healthcare. However, the other categories compensate, bringing the overall cost to one of the smallest and most rentable, with only two states being able to pass this outcome.

Missouri luckily features a wide range of landscapes, such as forests, rivers, and rolling hills. This state is very rich in cultural heritage, so there are a lot of activities you can get into.

There is a huge opening for exploring attractions and attending different activities. With an expanded list of amenities for seniors, such as events, performances, and different recreational programs, this is an amazing place to live if you want to have an enriched senior experience.

2. $4,531 per month, Alabama

In Alabama, assisted living facilities are exceptionally affordable, with a cost averaging $3,716 per month. Another excellent cost is represented by adult day care. The residents here spend only $804 a month on this service, making it the cheapest in the whole country. Both of these categories are propelling Alabama to second place in the GBR rankings, positioning it as one of the best states for healthcare retirement.

Alabama is also known for its scenic beauty and for its mild climate, with hot summers and warm winters. The good weather keeps activities outdoors going all year, allowing you to move, experience, and enjoy nature while staying active and feeling good and healthy overall.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo by Sean Pavone from Shutterstock

1. $4,366 per month, Louisiana, as the most affordable state considering senior healthcare

The cost shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when ranking a state as the best one for senior retirement. Well, Louisiana seems to be a lot more than this, being famous for its Southern Hospitality and community-like atmosphere.

Louisiana stands out for their homemaker services price, which is $3,844 a month. The residents of Louisiana are also happy to spend less than the other states on adult-day healthcare.

The lifestyle is generally affordable, there are a lot of fun activities to choose from, and there are opportunities to socialize and belong to the community. There are volunteer places, different local activities, and cultural events.

Of course, with all the landscapes, from coastlines to bayous, there are a lot of options for outdoor recreational activities, and the mild climate makes them possible in any season.

The overall cost makes it the most affordable, and considering the other activities, this state really seems to be a good decision if you want to spend your newly discovered youth in a safe and serene place.

If you liked our article, here you can find another one on good retirement destinations.


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