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6 Colorado Retirement Spots With Beautiful Mountain Scenery

These Colorado retirement spots are perfect for your golden years!

Colorado’s fresh air, natural beauty, and abundant outdoor activities make it a popular hot spot for many people throughout the year. But have you ever considered it as a place for retirement?

Well, active retirees who like to ski, fish, and enjoy the crisp mountain air, an all-season climate, and convenient access to urban and wilderness landscapes might consider Colorado their home. The incredible views aren’t the only reason seniors flock here, though.

The Centennial State is considered fairly tax-friendly for retirees. The system provides a deduction of $24,000 annually on all retirement income for anyone 65 and older. Plus, the deduction for retirees aged 55 and 64 is $20,000 a year.

And those who are married can each claim the deduction. On top of that, property taxes are some of the lowest in the nation, with an average of about 0.48%.

So, knowing this, only one question remains: Which Colorado retirement spot should you choose? Stick with us as we explore the 6 best places!

Colorado Retirement Spot
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Colorado retirement spot: Denver

Colorado’s capital, Denver, features a walkable downtown area with a performing arts center, museums, a historic district, restaurants, parks, a pedestrian mall, and a baseball field.

Convenient and inexpensive rail service between Union Station and Denver International Airport makes traveling around these parts easy. Within the city, various neighborhoods offer diverse places to live, as well.

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and a mile above sea level, this Colorado retirement spot provides a mild, dry, and sunny climate. Retirees who appreciate all that downtown offers, along with a more suburban lifestyle, have many options in the area.

Several Denver suburbs have also scored excellent livability scores. And the cost of living, according to Numbeo, is about 23% lower than in New York, and rents are about 48% lower.

Colorado retirement spot: Craig

Popularly dubbed the “Elk Hunting Capital of the World,” this Colorado retirement spot has always attracted hunters during open season in Moffat County.

Seniors with an affinity for nostalgic experiences can explore local museums to get a better understanding of the town’s past. A Museum of Northwest Colorado tour will reveal a vast collection of artifacts from the Old West.

Meanwhile, the Wyman Living History Museum is an exciting site illustrating a century of American life. It’s home to various exhibits touching on different aspects of life, from a blacksmith shop and a kid’s room to old tractors and automobiles.

Craig is also one of Colorado’s most affordable places to retire, presenting a median home price of about $338,800.

Colorado Retirement Spot
Photo by Victoria Ditkovsky at Shutterstock

Colorado retirement spot: Lamar

This Colorado retirement spot is a laidback community in Prowers County, providing seniors with quintessential small-town living. A unique mix of local attractions promises to keep you entertained regardless of your preferences.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, North Gateway Park invites anglers, birdwatchers, kayakers, hikers, and other thrill seekers to take advantage of its many recreational opportunities.

And a low-key game of golf at the lush Spreading Antlers Golf Course can always enrich your moments in the open spaces.

A strong sense of community comes to mind during local traditions like the Lamar Days Rod Run, where townsfolk come together for 3 fun days filled with good food, a parade, and car exhibitions.

But if you prefer to stay indoors, Lamar has attractions like the Lamar Theater, a fantastic place to meet other locals and enjoy various entertaining live stage shows.

On the other hand, there’s always the Big Timbers Museum, where you can explore local heritage as portrayed through fascinating historical exhibits. The median property value here is below the US average of $192,500.

Colorado retirement spot: Colorado Springs

Located in the Pikes Peak region in the southern part of the state, Colorado Springs is roughly 70 miles south of Denver, at 6,035 feet above sea level. Those who love being surrounded by Mother Nature will enjoy living near Pikes Peak, rising 14,000 feet, for its stunning views.

A drive up Pikes Peak Highway, a strenuous 13-mile hike, or a guided tour takes visitors to the summit. Garden of the Gods is an incredible place to go on nature walks, see red rock formations, and enjoy stunning landscapes.

The Air Force Academy and US Olympic & Paralympic Museum are located in Colorado Springs, as well.

The median housing cost in this Colorado retirement spot is $383,000, and according to BestPlaces, the cost of living here is about 10% higher than the overall US and 8% lower than the Colorado average.

A typical home costs roughly $440,500, 40% more than the national average. The good news is that there are several major regional hospitals in the area, including Penrose Hospital and UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, the first being a full-service acute care facility.

Colorado retirement spot: Fort Collins

Located in the northern foothills of the Rockies, about 60 miles north of Denver International Airport, This Colorado retirement spot is a midsized city in Larimer County. Fort Collins is a place that seamlessly combines outdoor adventure with urban charm.

Just imagine waking up to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains in the background and going out on a bike ride or morning hike in the beautiful foothills. Or maybe your style is sitting on a porch at night, enjoying the fresh air with a glass of wine in hand.

Either way, this place enjoys all four seasons, offering a variety of weather throughout the year.

The city nurtures a strong sense of community, with plenty of opportunities to connect with others through events, clubs, and senior centers like the Fort Collins Senior Center, which has fitness programs, social activities, and even ski trips.

This city also boasts a lively arts scene with museums, theaters, and a symphony orchestra. You can even enjoy a bit of youthful energy brought on by Colorado State University.

Downtown Fort Collins, a beautiful, walkable area chock-full of public art, inspired Disney’s Main Street, USA. Over 100 restaurants, galleries, and boutiques blend past and present in the historic district. The median home value here is roughly $497,400.

Colorado Retirement Spot
Photo by Jacob Boomsma at Shutterstock

Colorado retirement spot: Pueblo

Sitting about 113 miles south of Denver, Pueblo is considered one of Colorado’s most affordable places to retire. It continuously makes the lists for most affordable places to retire due to its climate, affordability, location, and livability scores.

The cost of living here is about 20% lower than the Colorado state average. And the average monthly cost of living a standard lifestyle is less than $3,000 monthly, which gives it the lowest cost of living when compared to any other major Colorado city.

BestPlaces gives Pueblo a cost of living score of 90.3, meaning the total cost of housing, health care, taxes, food, child care, transportation, and other necessities is 9.7% lower than the national average and 25.1% less than the average for Colorado.

A standard home costs about $285,300, which is 15.6% less than the US average and 45.9% less expensive than the average Colorado home. The same source estimates that renting a two-bedroom unit in Pueblo costs around $1,130 monthly.

The moderate climate includes mild winters with light snowfall and average temperatures of about 33 degrees. On the other hand, summer temperatures average at about 77 with low humidity. This Colorado retirement destination isn’t just like any other place in the state, though.

It’s a diverse and historic place that keeps it spicy with its unique Pueblo chile and enticing experiences around every corner you take.

Museums, annual events like the Colorado State Fair, farmers markets, art galleries, and holiday activities create a true feeling of community.

Have you considered these Colorado retirement spot for YOUR golden years? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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