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8 Things Seniors Should Always Get From Costco

costco seniors
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Do you like shopping at Costco?

The weekly Costco run is all about jam-packed parking lots, families loading carts with bulk-sized items, and standing in long queues – in other words, the most exciting suburban family activity.

The generation of baby boomers born between the years of 1946 and 1964, prefer shopping at the warehouse club over prevalent stores such as Walmart and Target. Moreover, boomers simply love to shop, and in particular, they love to shop from this retailer.

Since retirees live on a fixed income, and living on a fixed income is challenging and Costco is a place where seniors and retirees can find the best deals with their Costco memberships.

The giant retailer has many products and services designed and planned for their senior shoppers, let’s take a tour through the imaginary aisles and highlight the 10 things seniors should always get from this retailer.

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  1. MY FAVORITE MEMORY OF SHOPPING AT COSTCO…I stopped at Costco this afternoon to pick up a few things. I’m still wearing a back brace because of pain from back surgery and I use the handicap scooter that Costco provides. When I came out, an older man with a cane (I never use the word ‘elderly’) was waiting by the front door. He approached me, “May I have that scooter when you are finished with it?”
    “Absolutely,” I said.
    “I’ll help you load your groceries.”
    “Great…let’s go…I’m very near. I was going to ask one of the Costco guys for help.”
    He followed me and loaded all of my stuff into my SUV. When he was finished, he climbed on the scooter and headed back to Costco’s front door.
    Costco shoppers are good people. We were both winners!

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