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7 Best Kirkland Products Seniors Should Get at Costco

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Many people see retirement as an opportunity to save money on day-to-day expenses. This could explain why Costco, a membership-only wholesale club based in the Seattle area, is so popular among retirees.

According to research, elderly buyers prefer the bargain warehouse club to rival big-box retailers like Walmart and Target. Furthermore, baby boomers, who number 76.4 million in the United States now, are more likely than millennials to renew their Costco memberships, which range from $60 to $120 each year.

As a baby boomer who frequents Costco, I’ve discovered that the warehouse club’s own Kirkland Signature brand of products offers some of the finest deals. Kirkland is found on one out of every five products on Costco’s shelves.

Many of these limited-edition things appeal to retirees and near-retirees. Oh, and don’t let the fact that you have an empty nest deter you from shopping in bulk. Check expiration dates, stock up on things that have a lengthy shelf life, and keep in mind that many foods may be frozen. Take a look at our list of 7 Kirkland items from Costco that are suitable for retirees.

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  1. No Cosco near me-therefore shop BJ’s- any way of buying these and other Senior Cost Friendly Items, on- line/email, etc. ?, from COSCO ???

  2. I love Costco. As far as the Rotisserie chicken is concerned you didn’t mention that at only $4.99 per chicken at Costco, they are also larger plumper and more juicy than those sold at places like Cub foods and Walmart at much higher prices.

  3. I’ve been going to Costco since the first store opened in Kirkland. I’ve always found the quality of the products there to be excellent. I’ve also used many of the Kirkland products over the years and been very happy with them. I travel much farther now to get to our nearest Costco than when I lived in Kirkland and am happy to do so because I know I get great products and great value.

  4. I have always been satisfied with the products sold at Costco. My son, Ronald Allman has assured me that “all of the products sold at Costco are excellent.” So I shop with confidence at the Costco in Danvers, MA.
    Leah Allman

  5. No, my husband bought Costco’s hearing aids and they don’t do a thing. He’s had them adjusted and are still useless. Don’t waste your money.
    The toilet paper isn’t as good as others. Actually, pretty bad.
    The chicken is ok, my cats like it now and then.

  6. I wish there was a Costco closer to me I’d go there instead of Sam’s or Walmart, but I do go to Costco whenever I’m in the area.

  7. Because I am a senior living on a fixed income when I can get to store I stock up on as much as I can of what I can. Thank you.

  8. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to order the toilet tissue on two occasions..actually, three times because once the computer would not allow me to finish the ordering transaction..Costco informed me that I would receive the credit for both .

  9. I’m in my late 70s, $60 to renew my membership is a lot for me.
    I don’t buy much because I’m alone so I don’t save by going to Costco.
    Lower price to half it would bring many seniors back.

  10. I saw a review on the Patriot Solar generator and they said it was the worst one on the market. I have ordered other stuff from them before but they are very over priced. The solar bug lanterns were worthless to me.

  11. Problem with Costco is you can no longer use cash to buy a hot dog or anything at the food court a lot of elderly people and others are not financially secure enough to have credit cards or debit cards and only use cash. Especially a burden for handicapped to have to go into the store to buy a cash card and having to Waite in two lines now to purchase a hot dog . This concern was raised with Costco a few times they refused to address the matter or response back

  12. Costo has many great products but their toilet paper is not one of them. It is thin and takes at least twice a much to do the job as most others I have used. I don’t buy it anymore, I spend a little extra and get three times the extra value.

  13. Costco has some great deals and some not so great deals! You have to shop wisely- and read all ingredients carefully!!! Shop around for electronics check against Amazon and Best Buy! –

  14. Several things come to mind. As a senior I find that buying bacon, olive oil, etc in bulk goes to waste unless you freeze it. Agree with buying paper goods in bulk. Alos, wondering why you found it necessary to point out that the rotisserie turners in Virginia are white?

  15. Costco now refuses to except cash at the food court making it impossible for many to buy a hot dog or any other food item a lot of seniors as well as others are not financially secure enough to have credit cards or debit cards . This is also a major burden on handicap individuals to have to go into the store wait in-line to purchase a cash card only to have to go back to the food court Waite in line again to purchase a hot dog 🌭 or other food or drinks

  16. I purchased a Kirkland hearing aid 2 & 1/2 years ago and have been pleased with it, but it has become difficult to charge the last couple months. I called the hearing center and took it in, as it’s guaranteed for 3 years. A front desk person ran it through the same steps the manual directs .. which I had done repeatedly before I called. The woman told me it seemed okay and if it continued to act up, I should bring it back in and they’d mail it in to be checked out. When asked how long that would take, I was told “a couple weeks or so.” I opted to just keep it because I’m dependent on it. I get up early and readjust it in the charger if not fully charged. So far, this is annoying, but is working for me. I do wish, tho, that Costco could provide a loaner for instances like this, even if there was a fee to the borrower.

  17. I am looking forward to the opening on the Costco being built in Daytona Beach. I shopped at Costco for many years in Maryland and really miss it. Many of their products are great (like their rotisserie chicken and cakes), but I would NEVER buy a hearing aid at anyplace other than from a audiologist. Costco only has Hearing Aid Specialists who have weeks of training rather than the years of training an audiologist has. An audiology practice will make every effort to be sure your hearing aid is fitted and adjusted properly.

  18. yes Costco should offer seniors discounts for memberships. I know more seniors would be able to take advantage of what Costco has to offer.

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