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Golden Years Fitness! 5 BEST Reasons to Stay Active in Retirement

Discover why you should always stay active in retirement today!

You need to stay active in retirement! This is what we keep hearing, but the trick is for you to have been active ever since you hit your 50s. While it would be good if you were generally trying to stay fit and active, it is more important than ever to be doing so when you are starting to age, as it will bring only benefits.

A lot of us are saying that we will start to be more active when we retire, but the reality is that we should be starting way before we retire, as the more active we are before retirement, we will be able to improve our health in the long run.

Not to mention, some of the benefits of trying to stay active before and during retirement are directly related to your mental and physical health, but also to your wallet and finances.

Did we catch your attention? Staying active will play an important role in how healthy you can be as you age, which will also ensure that you can do all the plans you have thought of for your golden years while also bringing along better finances, energy levels, and speedy recovery in case of illness or fractures.

We have spoken to some of the best industry specialists, and we have found some of the best yet ignored perks of staying active in retirement! Keep on reading to discover them!

Do you have any fitness routines? What are the ways in which you are making sure to stay active? Is there any activity that has helped you with the long-term goal of staying active? Any and all thoughts you may have, leave them in the comments down below!

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You will spend less on healthcare.

If you happen to fall into the average category, your household will end up spending about $6,670 on healthcare each year after your retirement. However, it could very well happen that you may have to pay more due to health conditions or other health scares, or that you do not have to pay that much at all!

Staying active is going to ensure that you keep up with your health, and being in shape will most of the time help you stay away from the doctor’s office outside yearly check-ins. Staying active in retirement is something that has been recommended to retirees all over the world, but being active before and during it is how you can end up spending way less money and time visiting hospitals!

According to doctors and specialists in the country, regular exercise (which looks different for everyone; do not expect that you have to become a gym rat) is going to help you keep a number of health issues at bay. Some of them include the likes of high blood pressure, depression, stroke, and even several types of cancer.

You will be happier.

We mentioned keeping depression at bay earlier, but if you stay active, you can actually actively contribute to your own happiness. It will be akin to killing two birds with one stone, as you will be able to achieve the goal of staying active while at the same time working on your happiness.

Exercise of any type is known to be beneficial for your mood, and it also gives you a boost in energy.

When you are staying active through a form of exercise, you are stimulating your brain, which in turn releases chemicals that aid in helping you feel way less anxious and more relaxed. Not to mention, if you keep active, you will be able to stay in shape, and this can also raise your self-esteem.

You do not have to overdo it with physical activity in order to stimulate your brain, but going on a long walk is definitely recommended!

stay active
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You will save money on life insurance.

Yes, staying fit will actually help you save money when it comes to life insurance. While a lot of people forego life insurance, you should never neglect it as a retiree as it can act as a lifeline if something was to happen to you or to your spouse. However, the way that a lot of the time your general health condition will factor a lot into how much you will have to pay.

Health is an important factor as it influences your risk of death, which in turn determines the cost of your policy.

This means that if you stay active, you will be able to have a lower base policy cost. On the other end, if you are overweight and it is easily seen, the underwriter may drive up the cost since they will expect you to have a higher risk of death.

You will be able to be more independent.

How active you are also plays an important role in how independent you will be able to remain as an older adult. You may not think much of it now, but as you age, you are at risk of reduced mobility, along with other health issues, and this can mean that you cannot live as independently as you are used to.

Yet, if you stay active, you will be able to have a better grasp on your health and keep your reflexes strong, which in turn will help you be more independent.

There are a lot of types of exercise that will help you stay active but also reduce the risks that many associate with old age; for example, tai chi is known to reduce the risk of falling since you will be actively working on your balance through the exercises.

A good way to stay active in retirement includes the idea of doing some fun activities. And while we are sure you have your own bucket list full of fun things and activities, there are also a myriad of other ideas that may not cross your mind. If you want to see what other things you could do to stay active in retirement, make sure you give this book a read!

stay active
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You will be able to maintain your muscle and bone mass.

Don’t just take our word for it! The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that depending on the type of exercises you do, you may be able to maintain the bone and muscle mass you have; in particular, women will be able to achieve this as they age if they upkeep a regular regimen that includes strength training.

As we age, all of us are going to be losing bone or muscle mass due to various aging factors. Women are more prone to this happening, as menopause is going to accelerate the decline of bones and muscles. This is why you should add weight-based training to your staying active program.

By doing strength training as a woman, you will be actively working to combat these conditions and help yourself to not fall prey to losing your ability to live your day-to-day life.

A good phrase to keep in mind in relation to losing muscle and bone mass is “use it or lose it”! The more you move your body, the fewer chances you have of losing muscle or bone mass!

Don’t wait around to see these things happen; prevent them from becoming active even before you reach retirement age!

If you are thinking about your retirement and how it will go, know that there are some perks that you are going to be able to unlock only as a senior, no matter in which state you are. If we piqued your curiosity, you should definitely make sure you read our article about it here!

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  1. This article is good and sound advice. I am 78 and in good shape and I do believe that exercise and good food selection are key. I walk between 3-4 times a week for 35 minutes and lift moderate weights three times a week. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and after 6 months, I was ok again.
    Yes, I do believe that this article is very helpful.

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