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10 Longevity Secrets No One Tells You About

With these longevity secrets, you could live to be 100 years old!

Are you hoping for a longer, healthier life? Well, look no further. Retirement In USA is delving into the often overlooked aspects that could be the key to unlocking a longer and more fulfilling journey in your retirement years.

Longevity secrets aren’t always found in extreme diets or complicated routines. They’re usually found in the small, sustainable habits that stand the test of time. So, let’s uncover the hidden gems that can contribute to an extended and vibrant life.

Whether you’re a health enthusiast or just curious about the riddle to aging gracefully, these longevity secrets might be the missing pieces to your puzzle. Ready to embrace a life of vitality and uncover the 10 longevity secrets no one tells you about? Let the journey begin!

Longevity Secrets
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Fruit and veggies are a big part of your life

This isn’t your first time being told to eat your veggies. But time and time again, there’s some evidence supporting the difference this longevity secret can make to your life expectancy.

A study by the Imperial College in London found that eating ten portions of fruits and veggies daily could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide. But if ten sounds like a bit too much for you, five portions is a good place to start.

You embrace tech

Learn to Skype or use Twitter to help keep your brain cells young and vibrant, says the senior director for Evercare (part of United Healthcare), a group that sponsors a yearly poll of US centenarians.

Many of the older generations send e-mails, Google lost friends, and even take advantage of online dating. Researchers have concluded that using the latest technology allows us to remain socially engaged and mentally agile.

It’s always a good idea to stay connected to family, friends, and current events. It’ll make you feel relevant and vital.

You feel younger than you are

Everyone says that age is just a number. And, of course, there’s some truth to that statement. As you get older, it matters more how old you feel than how old you are.

If you have a tendency to want to answer the question, “How old are you?” at a younger age than your real one, that’s a good sign that you’ll be sticking around for a long time.

A study at the University College London reports that senior citizens who wrote feeling younger than their age had a significantly lower mortality rate than the ones who felt their age or older.

You began menopause after age 52

Research shows the longevity secret that naturally experiencing menopause later in life can mean an increased life span.

One reason for this? Women who go through menopause later have a much lower risk of heart disease, according to a clinical professor of gynecology at Yale University’s School of Medicine.

You include fish in your diet

Some individuals don’t like the taste of seafood. However, studies indicate that those who do consume fish tend to live longer lives thanks to all that Omega-3 fatty acid.

Research performed over the course of 16 years found that participants who had higher levels of fatty acids from fish in their system were at a 35% lower risk of heart disease thanks to less fat found in their blood. This is one longevity secret Retirement In USA can get behind!

Longevity Secrets
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You make every calorie count

Researchers in St. Louis reported that individuals who restricted their daily calories to 1,400 to 2,000 were younger at heart. In fact, their hearts performed like those of people 15 years younger. It’s not just about eating less with this longevity secret, though.

You also need to get the most nutrition per calorie, says an associate professor of medicine at Washington University School of Medicine. Study subjects stuck to whole grains, vegetables, fat-free milk, and lean meat, and they cut out soda, white bread, and candy.

If you get rid of all those empty calories and eat more nutrient-dense foods, your health will enhance. You should speak to your doctor to determine how many calories you should eat to maintain a healthy weight.

You gave birth later in life

We bet you didn’t know about this longevity secret. Suppose you got pregnant naturally after age 44.

In that case, you’re about 15% less likely to pass away during any year after the age of 50 than your friends who had their kids before age 40, reports a recent University of Utah study. And suppose your ovaries are healthy, and you can have children at that age.

Then, in that case, that’s a strong indicator that you have genes operating that will help you live longer, says the lead researcher of human development at the university.

Naps are a constant for you

Naps are the kind of thing most of us wish that we had enough time to do more of. But as it turns out, it could have significant health benefits that make finding the time worth it.

Researchers at Harvard studied residents on the small Greek island of Ikaria because it has a relatively high population of people living up to 100 years old. They found that an afternoon nap that’s part of their culture is likely the longevity secret to their lifestyles.

They also found that people who took a 30-minute nap during the day are 37% less likely to pass away from heart disease than those who don’t.

You don’t snore

Snoring is a significant sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which is a condition that causes you to stop breathing for a short period of time because the throat tissue collapses and obstructs your airway.

In extreme cases, this can happen somewhere between 60 to 70 times per hour. Sleep apnea can cause memory issues, high blood pressure, weight gain, and even depression.

A study performed over an 18-year period discovered that people without OSA were three times more likely to live longer than those living with severe apnea.

If you snore and have extreme daytime drowsiness or mood changes, you should speak with your doctor about a referral to a sleep center to get checked out. It could be the longevity secret you’ve been searching for!

Longevity Secrets
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You get tested for vitamin D levels

Doctors say we need at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood for optimal disease protection. But the sad truth is that nearly 80% of Americans have less than that.

The longevity secret is that Vitamin D not only aids your bones in warding off osteoporosis, but it might also reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and infection, says the lead researcher, Adit A. Ginde, MD, MPH, assistant professor of surgery at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

Doctors can measure your levels with a quick blood test. However, periodic monitoring might be required. Remember that vitamin D turns toxic at 100 to 150 ng/mL. You should first speak with your doctor.

And if needed, you can take a daily supplement to get your numbers up. Amazon has some great Organic Vitamin D3 Gummies you might like!

Did you know about any of these longevity secrets? Or maybe you have some of your own you’d like to share with our readers! Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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