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Want to Buy a Home Under $150K? Check Out the Best U.S. States!

Do you want to buy a home under $150k?

As much as you might want to be a homeowner, doing so in today’s hectic world is way more complicated than it was a few decades ago. For some people, buying a house feels like a success, while for others, it’s more of an investment.

Whatever your reason might be, we’re happy to tell you that you can buy a house for under $150,000. According to experts, the current average U.S. home value is $339,000, and the average annual salary is around $56,000. There is a huge discrepancy, don’t you think?

However, don’t lose hope, because we’ve talked to real estate agents in different states and we’ve discovered that you can buy your dream house and still stay within a budget. We’ve rounded up a list of the states where you’re more likely to succeed. So without further ado, if you want to buy a home under $150k, here’s where you can find it:

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1. Mississippi

The average home value in the beautiful state of Mississippi is around $167,000. Known as the Magnolia State, you can find lots of affordable options for buying a home here. The abundant nature of the state, which provides access to the Gulf Coast and excellent tailgating, has long been appreciated by farmers and fishermen. If you don’t want to move here, you should at least check it out, because there are lots of gorgeous cities, such as Oxford, Ocean Spring, Bay St. Louis, and Tupelo.

If you want to buy a home under $150k, you can check out the second-largest city in the state, Gulfport. It offers good value per square foot and is lovely. The town has a lot to offer in terms of key attractions, but before you purchase anything, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the hazards and potential costs of insurance. Experts say you can check out the FEMA flood zone map for additional details.

For instance, you can also find a home under $150k in Jackson. This beautiful town has around 150,000 residents, and the home prices are pretty competitive. You could find lots of affordable places with two- and even three-bedrooms, so check them out.

2. West Virginia

West Virginia is known for its gorgeous Appalachian mountains and rugged landscapes and is considered by many an underrated state. If you’re looking for a wonderful home under $150k, look no further, because West Virginia has lots of affordable options.

The average home price value is around $152k, and according to experts, almost 60% of homes sold under list price in the spring of 2023. So who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky too. What’s great about this state is that it has a low cost of living as well as a low tax burden.

If you want to live in the state’s capital, Charleston, you can find a plethora of homes under $150k, and they have between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet. Brilliant! If you’re seeking a house that’s within commuting distance of the Washington, D.C., area, you can look for a fixer-upper in Martinsburg, Charles Town, or Harper’s Ferry.

Other key places to find accommodation in West Virginia include Riverfront, Parkersburg, and Morgantown, home to West Virginia University. Would you move to the Mountain State?

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3. Oklahoma

Even though the average home price value in Oklahoma is around $189k, you can find lots of options that fit your budget. The Sooner State is a leading producer of natural gas, petroleum, and crude oil in the United States.

The state’s capital, Oklahoma City, has a strong housing market in addition to a competitive job market and a wide choice of universities. While the average single-family home sold for $269k in April 2023, someone searching for a condo or cooperative can easily locate one for about $120,000 or a townhouse for about $150,000.

If you don’t want to live in the capital, you can check out another amazing city: Tulsa. This is home to the headquarters of numerous healthcare organizations, and it offers reasonably priced real estate. If you’re a remote worker and want to relocate to Tulsa to work remotely or launch a business, you should check out the Tulsa Remote program, where you can win $10,000 in incentives.

4. Ohio

Even though Ohio isn’t one of the most affordable states, you can find lots of homes under $150,000. Considering that big cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus are in this state, it’s hard to think that you could find something within your budget.

The median home sale price is around $230k, but even the major cities, such as Columbus, have stunning homes under $150k. Experts say it can be hard to find a budget-friendly home that’s also move-in-ready in Cincinnati, but if you don’t mind a few DIY projects and a little TLC, an old house could be your new home.

If these cities aren’t for you, maybe Cleveland is. There were no less than 500 homes under 150k in May 2023, and you could still find your dream place up to this day. If you want to have some peace and stay away from the hectic cities, you should check out Toledo, because it has lovely homes that stay within a budget.

Another place in Ohio that won’t break the bank is Akron. Even though it might take a little longer to find the perfect home under $150k, be patient, don’t lose hope, and you’ll find it!

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5. Kentucky

Have you ever been to Kentucky? It’s a gorgeous state, known for its tasty bourbon and stunning bluegrass. You might be surprised to discover that you can nab a gorgeous home for under $150k, so are you ready to discover the perfect place for you and your family?

You can get a gorgeous home in Louisville, the biggest and loveliest city in Kentucky. Whether you prefer a stand-alone bungalow or a chic condo, your next living space could be everything you’ve imagined it to be.

However, if these homes under $150k aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, because we have another option for you. You could look for a move-in-ready home that’s around 1,000 square feet in Lexington. This is the second-largest city in the state, and it will amaze you with its divine cuisine, great stores for shopping sprees, and out-of-this-world nightlife. Would you consider moving to Kentucky?

Do you know any other states where you could find a gorgeous home under $150k? Let us know in the comments below, because we’re always looking for extra tips and tricks for our readers.

A couple of tips before you head out…

Don’t forget to pack your bags and do your research before purchasing any property. Ask the sellers about the home’s structure, updates, and facilities, and make sure you get lots of information about the neighborhood, safety conditions, healthcare, education, and everything you consider to be important for you and your family. It’s always a smart idea to be prepared, especially if you move across the country. You’ll find the perfect home under $150k, trust me!

If you want to be safe, I recommend you check out this security system. Until next time, take care and have a great time! If you find this article helpful and you’d like to check out something else from Retirement in USA, here’s a good post for you: Looking to Retire Near the Mountains? You’ll Love These 7 Charming Places

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