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5 Amazing US Cities That Will Pay You to Move: Get $15,000!

Can you believe that there are US cities that will pay you to move?

If we’re being honest for a second, I think we can all agree that life in our gorgeous America isn’t exactly budget-friendly. Between massive inflation, the outrageous cost of healthcare, and high interest rates, many of us have a hard time with our living costs. What can you do to increase your budget, manage to save, and still enjoy your life?

It seems like some people already thought about this, so many US cities will pay you to move. Yes, you’ve read that right. There are relocation packages available for people who want a change in their lives and who can move to smaller cities in America.

These cash carrots, also called worker relocation incentive programs, are offered across the country and all have the same basic idea: attract employees with flexible work schedules with financial perks and other benefits like complimentary gym memberships, co-working spaces, and even dinners with the mayor. Some of the most profitable deals are in the five figures, and some even include incentives for first-time homebuyers.

According to, the quantity of US cities that will pay you to move has increased by over 50% in the past few years. The pandemic drastically changed workplace cultures, and in 2023, over 50,000 people used the portal to apply for programs around the nation.

While this can imply an increase in the living cost of residents already living in these cities, more and more people are considering joining the program, so they can have some extra cash. If you’re considering moving too, these are 5 of the US cities that will pay you to move:

US cities that will pay you to move
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1. Indiana

When it comes to offering financial relocation packages and bonuses to attract a new wave of workers, Indiana has been among the most proactive states, and it didn’t disappoint. According to MakeMyMove, there are many programs in dozens of towns and regions, and as of 2023, the platform had helped no less than 340 households move to Indiana.

There are several options available to hopeful homeowners for their new homes. For instance, a $15,000 package in Noblesville, an Indianapolis suburb, comes with a $5,000 relocation incentive, a free golf season at two courses, and coffee with the mayor.

Meanwhile, eligible candidates in Evansville can benefit from a $7,200 incentive package that includes a one-year membership to the oldest urban old-growth forest in the US, museum passes, and $5,000 in cash. Would you consider moving to Indiana? Let me know in the comment section!

2. The Shoals, Alabama

We continue with these US cities that will pay you to move, and this time we have to talk about the Shoals, Alabama. If you crave a dose of fantastic Southern hospitality, you can call this place your next home.

The Shoals represent four main cities and two lovely counties in Alabama’s northwestern region, and there are many options for people who want to live there. According to sources, the Remote Shoals program offers qualified workers up to $10,000 to move there, and life is pretty good in The Shoals, according to residents.

If you want to be the next resident of The Shoals, you can join the program, but you have to be self-employed or a full-time remote employee outside Lauderdale and Colbert counties, make at least $52,000 per year, and move into your new home within six months of being selected.

Did you know about any of these US cities that will pay you to move?

US cities that will pay you to move, incentive
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3. Topeka, Kansas

Topeka is one of the adorable US cities that will pay you to move. This city in Kansas started a program in 2019 in which they offered applicants up to $15,000 in incentives through company match financing. More than 6,000 people have applied since then, and approximately 150 fortunate newcomers have been selected to relocate to the Sunflower State. Would you like to be one of them?

Choose Topeka isn’t a program designed just for remote workers, as opposed to other incentive schemes. This program is also available for people who’ve recently left military service, transitioning veterans, and former Topeka residents (also known as “Boomerangs”) who hope to return to Shawnee County. If you’re part of any of these categories, you might be eligible for $5,000 in direct incentives, but you have to accept a job offer in Topeka with a minimum salary of $50,000.

Topeka is one of the US cities that will pay you to move, but if you get accepted into their program, you have to stay there for at least a year. However, sources say that around 95% of people who move to Kansas stay for the long term because their communities are friendly and lovely.

4. Rochester, New York

Rochester is another one of these US cities that will pay you to move, and if you love the state of New York, you’re going to love this one. If you’re a remote worker and you don’t want a taste of the Big Apple, Rochester is a cozier alternative that offers up to $10,000 in grants and incentives for people who want to relocate there. But that’s not all; they also offer an additional $9,000 for home-buying grants.

Sources say that their goal is to bring in approximately 600 participants (family members are not included in this number) in no less than three years. To be suitable for this program, you need to live more than 300 miles from downtown Rochester or any other American state except beautiful New York, be at least 18 years old, and have a remote job.

If you chose Rochester to be your next home, join the Greater ROC Remote, and if you’re eligible and they want to interview you, there’s good news: you can visit the pretty Rochester in person. You’ll have expenses up to $500 reimbursable, and $750 for a couple also reimbursable. Isn’t that great? Keep reading to discover other US cities that will pay you to move.

US cities that will pay you to move, incentive
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5. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Have you ever been to Tulsa? If yes, did you like it? If the answer to these questions is yes, you’ll be happy to read that Tulsa is one of the US cities that will pay you to move. In 2018, the city of Tulsa created a program called Tulsa Remote, which allowed entrepreneurs and remote workers to move to the south-central US city for a year for $10,000.

Their efforts paid off. According to sources, almost 3,000 people joined and were accepted into the program, and they generated millions of dollars in direct employment income. Moreover, officials say they noticed that their beloved city gained three residents for every two Tulsa Remote program participants, and that’s a pretty big deal.

If you want to consider Tulsa your home, you’ll be happy to read that the program is open for another round of potential residents, and their goal is to have 4,000 participants by 2027. To be eligible, candidates must be at least 18 years old, have lived outside of Oklahoma for a minimum of one year before applying, and move to Tulsa within a year of being accepted. If you meet all these criteria, you can say hello to your new home!

Did you enjoy reading this article about US cities that will pay you to move? We’re curious to know what your thoughts are, so leave a comment below, and let’s chat! If you decide to move to any of these beautiful places, you’re going to need luggage to fit all of your belongings. Here‘s a good one you can get! Until next time, here’s another great post for you to check out: 5 Dangerous Financial Scams That Target Seniors

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