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Traveling on a Budget? Here are the Top 6 Affordable Destinations for Seniors 

It is possible! Traveling on a budget as a senior in 2024 in one of these destinations: 

Studies show that Americans will travel more in 2024. That’s optimistic. Well, occasionally you may enjoy a pleasant vacation as a tourist in your nation, or if money allows, you can go and enjoy different continents.

According to its 2024 projection, 64% of participants in a recent study stated they intended to increase their travel expenditures in the upcoming year, even if it meant making other cuts. If your children have already flown from the nest and you want to spend some nice and relaxing time away from your hometown but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for it, these are the best destinations for traveling on a budget as a senior:

Tip: Some prices may differ seasonally, so it’s better to plan your trip a few months ahead!

traveling on a budget as a senior
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1. Boise, Idaho

Traveling on a budget as a senior is possible in Boise, Idaho! According to the latest travel trends research by American Express, travelers are mostly driven by food, with 81 percent of the survey participants expressing their desire to sample local cuisine.

Due to the increasing number of immigrants, some of them have opened modest restaurants. And when on vacation, who wouldn’t want to sample both regional and foreign food at affordable prices?

Saffron biscuits, pistachio baklava, and Turkish bagels are just three amazing treats served at these ethnic restaurants in Boise, Idaho.
Boise is the ideal destination for those who enjoy hiking and other outdoor pursuits. You are welcome to bring your dog along since it is a dog-friendly area!

The Sawtooth Mountains, Harriman State Park, and Hells Canyon National Recreation Area are some of the top three favorite destinations for travelers. You might want to check them out too if you have never been to Idaho before. And if you did, there is always a second chance to revisit some places you enjoyed before. Plus it’s a destination where traveling on a budget as a senior is possible!

2. Denver, Colorado

There are many affordable lodging options in Denver for travelers, ranging from luxurious hotels to inexpensive motels and hostels. The average nightly rate for hotels is around $167, depending on the season you choose to visit.

Numerous free activities are available here, including tours of the US Mint, the Denver Art Museum, and the Colorado State Capitol. If you’re lucky, you might be able to attend a free event at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which hosts movies and fitness sessions.

This is a super affordable place to eat out, plus there’s a great food truck culture to check out as well. Don’t forget to take your camera with you! You’ll find a lot of interesting angles to take pictures of.

3. Buellton, California

Another super-duper destination to which traveling on a budget as a senior is possible is Buellton located in California. Who loves wine tasting? I certainly do! Especially if it’s affordable too.

At Industrial Way, a neighborhood of former industrial buildings now repurposed as restaurants and tasting rooms, visitors to Buellton may experience many wineries without leaving the town. Isn’t that awesome?

In between sips, I kindly recommend you explore Buellton’s unique sightseeing; one of them is OstrichLand USA, where the admission fee is just $7. Here, you can feed the birds, and trust me when I say it’s very fun.

Traveling on a budget as a senior is also possible in Buellton because even the hotels are affordable here. For example, the recently opened Hotel Hygge, which takes its name from the Danish word for “cozy,” promotes mingling between visitors.

Oh! And I almost forgot about the Vega Vineyard and Farm, a place that has goats and sheep that you, as a visitor, can feed. Here, you can also experience live music in the gardens and wine tastings starting at $25.

4. Saratoga, Wyoming

If you’re a fan of communal bathing, then you have to go visit Saratoga, Wyoming. Take a free dip at Saratoga, which is 125 miles west of Cheyenne and is home to the 24-hour natural pool known as Hobo Hot Springs. Alternatively, reserve a spa treatment (starting at $85) at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort to go into the thermal pools shaded by tepees.

Saratoga, which is located on the North Platte River between the Sierra Madre and Snowy mountain ranges, draws outdoor enthusiasts with its reasonably priced recreational options, which include fishing in the region’s well-known trout rivers and hiking in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest.

This place is great for winter skiing as well! You may do it for free if you’re 70 years of age or older. Embark on an adventure with me and visit Saratoga this year, as it’s on my to-do list!

traveling on a budget as a senior
Photo by Hsa htaw from Shutterstock

5. Buffalo, New York

“Traveling on a budget as a senior isn’t possible in New York”, you may be tempted to say. With new attractions like the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, which recently doubled the museum’s display capacity (admission is $18 for adults, $16 for those 62 and over; some areas are free), and repositioned its newly included sculpture garden as an urban town square, New York’s second-largest city can hold its own when it comes to cultural appeal.

Travel from Buffalo to the neighboring Niagara Falls, where a new visitor center worth $46 million is anticipated to open in 2024 at Niagara Falls State Park. The facility will have accessible trails, a museum, and outdoor displays. Admission is free.

There are also plenty of free audio tours around the town. Also, if you’re traveling to Buffalo and you’re passionate about vintage cars, don’t forget to check out the Pierce-Arrow Museum.

Traveling on a budget as a senior without a proper backpack isn’t complete! That’s why I recommend this travel backpack that’s also suitable for airplane cabins, perfect if you want to travel in under 5 days. It costs just $35.99 on Amazon. 

6. Indianapolis

If you desire to travel on a budget as a senior, you should put Indianapolis on your list of travel destinations for 2024. Why? Let’s see. Well, first of all, it will take 20 years after April 8, 2024, for Americans to witness a total solar eclipse once more. NASA has designated Indianapolis, which is located in the “path of totality,” as an authorized eclipse viewing location. Wow! This is the number one reason to book your trip to Indianapolis ASAP.

Furthermore, the space agency will stream live from the $15 entrance to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, while additional festivities will be held for free in various parks and museums across the city.

Between June 15 and 23, Indianapolis will also host the Olympic swimming trials. Tickets can be bought, starting at about $56. You’re not a fan of this sort of stuff? No problem, because Indianapolis also offers plenty of recreational outdoor activities for seniors! Some of them are:

Renting kayaks and canoes to use on the White River (from $20) and bicycle rides. The good news is that the city plans to finish a $100 million renovation of its vast bicycle network by 2024. More kilometers of fun! Yay.

What destinations are you planning to visit in 2024? Tell us in the comments section. Until next time!

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